Our court programs rely on volunteers to help us manage the needs of youth and adults appearing in court. This is a highly specialized opportunity and we seek individuals who are capable of committing once weekly for a year for all court programs.  Anyone applying to be a court program volunteer must be able to meet the one-year commitment requirement.

Adult Court: Assist individuals on the Case Management Office with first appearances on plea options, legal information, and resources on criminal matters.

Traffic Court: (new in November 2016) Assist individuals on the traffic and bylaw floor with assistance in addressing their legal matters with processes, guidelines, clarification of orders and expectations.

Youth Court: Assist youth on the court floor at first appearance with legal information on processes, protocol, and assist with access to legal counsel and other resources.

Court Program Volunteer Application Process

Interested court volunteers must follow our application process:

  1. Complete the pre-screening application
  2. Upon approval of the pre-screening application our volunteer application will be sent out to the applicant.
  3. Applicant to return completed application, along with a recent resume, formal cover letter, and three references. Please note that two references provided must be professional and must be direct supervisors. A third reference may be a character reference. References will be checked prior to Elizabeth Fry requesting an interview.
  4. Approved applicants will be invited into an interview process.
  5. Successful applicants will be requested to provide criminal record checks in accordance with the vulnerable persons stream.
  6. Upon receipt of criminal record, successful candidates will be given general training dates should the applicant continue to be interested, and remains capable of the commitment requirement.
  7. Once general training has been completed, candidates will attend a minimum of three observation and three shadow shifts before being contracted.
  8. Upon completion of training and a signed contract, the volunteer is expected to provide a minimum of one shift per week for one complete year. Reliability and punctuality are expected throughout. For those interested in less of a commitment please check with our Volunteer Coordinator for other opportunities.

Please do not apply to court programs if you are unable to commit to one year. Recruitment and training cycles occur three times annually.

Recruitment Periods

  • July to mid-September
  • November to mid-January
  • March to mid-May

Training Modules

  • 6 modules throughout October
  • 6 modules throughout February
  • 6 modules throughout June

Although you may do a pre-screening at any time you may not proceed to interview phase until the above recruitment periods.