Imagine what it is like to be in prison, struggling without a job or home in our
community, or going through unimaginable trauma. It is a lonely, scary experience
filled with uncertainty and despair. This is where we help. The Elizabeth Fry Society
of Calgary (EFry) provides another chance to women who need it most.

For over 50 years, Elizabeth Fry has offered a hand up to thousands of women in the Calgary community, providing practical programs, basic necessities and connections to community resources, all with the goal of creating more hopeful futures. Hundreds of years ago, this was the vision of Elizabeth Fry, a passionate advocate for those without a voice and a champion of prison reform for women. We are honoured to carry on her legacy.

The women we serve all have unique stories, but they are linked together by the common themes of poverty, abuse, addiction and trauma. It is this cycle of poverty that must be addressed and broken for lasting change to occur.