Immigrant Legal Advocacy Program

Immigrant women are often vulnerable, alone and do not understand Canadian law or our way of life. Our Legal Advocacy Programs provide individualized supports to women and their families, who fit the liminal gap between paid and subsidized services by assisting with legal information, understanding and filling in legal documents and applications, navigating the filing processes and providing appropriate resources. In the regional areas, this service has been extended to support low income males and youth. Our focus with this program is on retaining family connections and reunification of immigrant families.

Did you know that those in Canada under Temporary Residents Visas who incur a criminal record may have their status removed and be deported?

Our preventative workshops provide newcomers with accurate information regarding Administrative Law, and answers to questions like ones above. This means participants will receive information around housing, employment, processes around Canadian government and legislation, and Canada’s health system. We also provide additional information around immigration documentation and immigration status for newcomers.