Adult Legal Advocacy Program

Those involved in the legal system often struggle with multiple barriers that limit their ability to navigate the legal system and processes effectively. Individuals lacking the necessary understanding of their legal matters often attempt to address their charges or offences without legal representation or resources. Pleading guilty without a proper understanding of the consequences or alternatives to addressing charges, usually has long term negative impact.

A number of EFry clients have language or cultural barriers that make it difficult to comprehend the legal processes. This impedes their ability to address their charges and achieve the best possible outcomes. EFry fills a gap in a complex system by assisting with understanding legal forms, filing processes and referrals to legal resources.

Legal fees

Average cost of contested divorce $15,000 – $30,000 legal fees
Average cost of uncontested divorce $300 – $2,000 legal fees

Clients who cannot afford legal fees are assisted without cost. Women who are not able to access a divorce may remain in abusive relationships, not have the proper financial support for their children, and may end up living in poverty.

Our Legal Advocacy and Court Programs increase access to justice for those who need it most. Our lengthy experience and resources are unique and support those moving through the justice and legal systems with efficiency and better outcomes. EFry fills the gaps for those that cannot afford legal representation and are ineligible for subsidized or community legal options. In addition, we provide support to those that struggle with multiple barriers that have decreased chances of positive results when attempting to address their legal matters independently.

Youth Legal Advocacy Program

Youth Legal Advocacy Program

Our Youth Legal Advocacy Program assists all youth with a special focus on Indigenous and immigrant youth who are engaged in high-risk lifestyles and are vulnerable due to a lack of natural and professional resources.

Our priority is prevention, early intervention and intervention, and the program is designed to enhance our existing Youth Court Program by providing individual supports and peer mentorship to high-risk youth involved in the criminal justice system or at risk of involvement.

The program provides community outreach supports, mentorship, and group programming supports to engage youth in a supports to address the issues that contribute to their criminalization.

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