Empowering Change and Strengthening Resiliency

Community is the Heartbeat of Changing Lives

Our Story

Elizabeth Fry Society has worked for almost 60 years providing support to individuals who have been systemically criminalized. Working from the context of Siim Ohksin and Wahkotiwin (Indigenous natural laws), the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary supports individual pathways to healing by restoring harmony, reparation of harm, and regaining relationships. Through a restorative justice lens, Indigenous relatives are supported towards improving their lives through their own resiliency and the consistency of supports which lead to their own personal levels of achievement

We are a member of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, an association of 24 self-governing, community-based Elizabeth Fry Societies from across Canada that work with and for criminalized women and youth.

Contribute to Your Community

There are many ways that you can make a difference. Sharing our information through your social media channels raises awareness, giving your time as a volunteer extends our resources and making a donation supports our ability to provide effective services. We appreciate whatever you can do and however you can give of your time, talents and resources.

Contribute to Your Community
Changing Lives

Changing Lives

Those we serve are part of our community. They have names, families and stories that matter. They have experienced poverty, trauma, homelessness, addiction and other obstacles that have created challenges on their journey. They are seeking change and strengthening their resiliency towards a better future.

Connecting Community

Connecting Community

Our services help women and Indigenous relatives break the cycle of poverty and move towards their own independence. Our work supports our Indigenous relatives through challenges that have affected their lives by building up their support systems, their community connections and contributes to achieving their personal potential.

Indigenous Cultural Support

Indigenous Cultural Supports

Through access to Elders and Knowledge Holders; ceremonies; cultural activities and programs; as well as Indigenous language classes, those interested in reconnecting to their culture regain a sense of belonging, identity and community. Healing is at the core of improving lives.


News and Archives

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