Empowering Opportunities – Improving Lives

Indigenous peoples are overrepresented in the overall justice systems across Canada. As of the end of 2022, Indigenous women are disproportionately represented among Canada’s prison population. That is, approximately 50% of all incarcerated women across Canada are Indigenous.

Improving Lives

Without support for opportunities for stable housing, employment and addressing personal healing, it is more than likely that individuals will re-enter the prison system.

We work collaboratively with local and rural communities to empower opportunities that contribute to transformational changes. Our primary focus is to reduce the overrepresentation of Indigenous women, men and youth involved in the criminal justice system by engaging options and support services.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary provides intensified case management support to address core issues related to the causes of criminalization. In addition, we focus on increasing longer term stability by empowering opportunities through our services which include employment readiness; housing assistance; as well as addressing and supporting resources towards addiction; mental and emotional wellness.

In addition, Indigenous cultural supports engage our relatives with access to cultural ceremonies, activities, land-based teachings and language classes to focus on individual healing.

We engage daily with individuals involved in the legal system through our volunteer court program who assist with navigation of the court system and legal information on their court matters. Additionally, youth are provided with individualized support from trained and dedicated youth mentors who assist youth experiencing trauma, addiction, mental health and/or homelessness.