Supporting with your Contributions

Corporate Support

Corporations have a number of ways to engage with our organization to advance the work of criminalized populations. We will work with your team to ensure your investment aligns with your organizational values and philanthropic priorities.

Donor Recognition

Advance your contributions through recognition of your support on our social media channels, our website and through media opportunities to highlight your generous gift.


Secure naming rights over one of our programs through the work of your community investment programs and social supports. Sponsorship allows you to enhance opportunities for your employees to engage in volunteerism and align your priorities towards reconciliation and supporting Indigenous peoples.

Individualized sponsorship packages can be co-developed to ensure there is equal benefit and contributions for both the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary and your organization.

Contributing Resources – Donations

As a non-profit organization, your contributions go a long way in assisting us to continue our work. Without the goodwill of community supporters, we would not have sufficient resources to continue operating to enhance the lives of those we serve. Every penny contributed to our organization provides opportunities to empower lives.

Consider making a monthly or annual donation to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary. Contact us for more information.

In-Kind Donation Support

Seasonally, we need support with the following in-kind donations:

Contribute to Your Community
  • Travel size hygiene products
  • Toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste
  • Chapstick
  • Hairbrushes and combs
  • Plain coloured yoga pants, leggings or jogging pants in dark and solid colours
  • Plain t-shirts and pullover or zip hop hoodies in dark and solid colours
  • Underwear, bras and socks
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Seasonal jackets new or second hand (must be in new like condition)
  • Seasonal shoes and boots (practical without heels)
  • Winter hats, scarves, gloves and mittens

Championing the Cause

Read our blog, attend special events, and participate in the activities we host. Share our social media posts and champion the work of Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary through your own posts on social justice.


We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your annual investment, whether for a designated donation towards a specific area of our work or an open gift to increase our overall capacity to empower change. Consider the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary as an investment which saves money and contributes to changing lives while lessening the burden on systems and the homeless sector.

Additionally, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary contributes to existing government funding which does not fund critical services and addresses the gaps for marginalized populations within already overburdened systems. While government support would be ideal, consistently changing socioeconomic and political environments create ebbs and flows which impact the stability of the non-profit sector as a whole.

Consider a multi-year contribution which increases the stability and opportunities for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary to respond to the needs of those struggling in the legal and justice systems.


Invite us to present to your committee, women’s group, class, service group, or faith-based organization to learn more about what we do and how our work contributes to the community.

Create A Fundraiser to Support
the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary

If you would like to champion our cause through a creative idea or event within your own network, connect with us to discuss this opportunity. We can provide resources, an in-person or virtual presentation, videos, banners or other resources to assist. We would be happy to provide charitable tax receipts to support your event to those who donate $20 or more.

Some ideas include:

Engage in a wine and paint night
Create a virtual do-it-yourself gala with a speaker, musician or performing artist
Conduct a social media raffle
Create an online trivia night
Conduct a matching donation program