Volunteer Opportunities & Benefits

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary offers an intensive volunteer program and rewarding experience for volunteers interested in a career in justice, law or social work, or for those individuals looking for a meaningful way to give back to the community.

Volunteerism is an essential component of Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary’s service delivery. It enables us to reach thousands of individuals through all of our programs. We have several opportunities for volunteering and welcome applicants 18 years and older.

Volunteer Opportunities

Communications Volunteer

Assists our promotions and marketing department with journalism, social media, and blogging. One year minimum commitment required.

Communications Volunteer
Health Costs - Emergency Services (EMS and Emergency Room Visits)

Youth Mentorship Volunteer

Assists youth involved with the criminal justice system with assistance attending court for emotional support, follow up on their court orders, and mentorship throughout their processes. This intervention program assists vulnerable youth involved with the justice system and helps youth meet the expectations of their conditions to prevent detention or further charges from being added. Through relationship building and positive social activities, mentors develop natural relationships with youth which enhances the trust they have in working with the system and encourages the completion of court orders. One year minimum commitment required.

Program Resource Volunteer

Provides support to the agency through administrative and program supports. Assists individuals with basic needs items, referrals, and resources. Assists with the daily reception work and special projects.

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