Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary publishes reports and documents relevant to our work to help identify strategies and solutions to adapt our structures and how we conduct our work. Research and evaluation are a prevalent part of our day-to-day reviews that help us understand how the changing social and economic climate affects those affected by systemic criminalization. Not only does this inform our work, but helps us identify processes that will enhance the potential of those that access our services. In addition, we have collaborated on studies that have contributed to the collective work of the social sectors in Calgary. We are proud to be strong contributors towards social change.

Many students who do practicums at the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary have the opportunity to engage in research relevant to their educational path, but also provides our team with the opportunity to learn from a student perspective along their learning journey. 

Below is a list of our reports and analysis:


Elizabeth Fry Annual Report 2022
Elizabeth Fry Annual Report 2020 - 2021
Elizabeth Fry Annual Report 2018
Elizabeth Fry Annual Report 2017
Elizabeth Fry Annual Report 2016
Elizabeth Fry Annual Report 2015


Soksipaitapiisin Restorative Justice Program and Case Management Table 2020 Evaluation
Elizabeth Fry Program Statistics Snapshot 2017-2019
Prison Community Outreach Program (PCOP) & Recidivism
Hiring Toolkit For Employers
Hiring Toolkit For Employers
Hiring Toolkit For Job Seekers
Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary – Court Evaluation Report 2019
Efry Indigenous Review
Progress Report – Strategic Priorities 2018 – 2019
Court Service Provision Report – January 2017-December 2018
Research Report For Strategic Planning – 2017
Efry Strategic Plan – 2017
Progress Report – Strategic Priorities 2017 – 2018
Toward a Working Future: Understanding the Impact of Criminalization on Employment
Women and Incarceration – Backgrounder
PCOP Evaluation 2017
Indigenous Managed Alcohol Literature Review – January 2017
Calgary Human Rights and Education Bylaw Study
Literature Review of Indigenous Case Management and Housing Models – February 2018