The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary is a leader in working with the Indigenous community. We offer resources unique to Indigenous women, who represent 50-70% of the women in the Elizabeth Fry Society’s remanded, provincial prison and community outreach programs.
 Indigenous women also make up 50% of our overall client mix demographics.

We believe that Indigenous women are more likely to heal when they have access to a culturally safe environment with traditional, spiritual support.

Indigenous populations make up 4% of the Canadian population, yet comprise approximately 20% of those incarcerated in the prison system overall and 38% that are incarcerated in federal institutions. A number of EFry clients have language or cultural barriers that make it difficult to comprehend the legal processes. This impedes their ability to address their charges and achieve the best possible outcomes. EFry fills a gap in a complex system by assisting with understanding legal forms, filing processes and referrals to legal resources.

Elizabeth Fry engages Indigenous women in case management supports, programs and ceremony designed to increase their cultural identity, address intergenerational trauma, and encourage healing.  Women can address their personal issues by talking with Elders individually or by sharing in healing circles. They are provided with cultural teachings, monthly sweatlodges, as well as other indigenous ceremonies based on season and availability.