Empowering Possibilities

Choices are not always easy for those who live in poverty. Challenges include limited access to education and a lack of labour skills to retain a sustainable income. Housing and food insecurity lead to making decisions which lead to criminalization for those who have limited access to resources based on crimes of poverty.

80% of incarcerated Canadian women are imprisoned for poverty-related crimes, nearly half of which are for failure to pay a fine. A survey of women in the provincial correctional system found that 74% did not have enough money to meet their basic needs at the time of their arrest.

In many cases, those who end up struggling with mental health, addiction and homelessness due to trauma end up within the legal and justice systems due to crimes of survival.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary supports individuals who desire to make changes by supporting the development of skills, assisting with personal stability and working with those ready to address healing in their lives.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary is focused on empowering individuals and their families towards their own level of independence to decrease their reliance on our organization by providing skills, supports and services which contribute to increased levels of personal autonomy.

For almost 60 years, The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary has supported thousands of women, youth and Indigenous relatives who have been systemically criminalized by providing services and supports to empower individual change. Every person has the ability to improve their lives through their own resiliency and the consistency of supports which lead to their own personal levels of achievement.

Those we serve all have unique stories but are linked together by the common themes of poverty, abuse, addiction, homelessness and trauma. It is this cycle of poverty that must be addressed and broken for lasting change to occur.

Empowering Possibilities

Our Mission

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary offers pathways to healing, through supports and advocacy, for women and marginalized populations who are affected by systemic social issues which can contribute to criminalization.

Our Vision

Creating community that supports transformation and pathways to healing.

Our Values

Integrity: Consistency and truthfulness in actions and values

Ingenuity: Flexibility and adaptability in providing value-added services within an ever-changing social framework

Advocacy: Foster an environment of courage and empowerment for all those who interact with the agency

Dignity and Respect: Regard all as worthy, honoured and valued

Cultural Integrity: Cultural safety and humility within an ethical space