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Breaking Barriers to Justice – Equitable Access for All

June 29, 2018 | Blog, News

Breaking Barriers to Justice – Equitable Access for All

With Alberta’s current economic climate, an increased number of people are accessing the legal system to address legal charges and offenses. The clients who are most affected by the complexity of our judicial system are those living in poverty. As a result, they do not have equitable access to the necessary legal resources and representation to support them through their legal matters. Those involved in the legal system often struggle with multiple barriers that limit their ability to navigate the legal system and processes effectively. Individuals lacking the necessary understanding of their legal matters often attempt to address their charges or offences without legal representation or resources. Read More →

Breaking Barriers for Indigenous Peoples – Building Meaningful Reconciliation

June 28, 2018 | News

Breaking Barriers for Indigenous Peoples – Building Meaningful Reconciliation

Indigenous peoples experience a number of barriers that have led to a higher representation of incarceration and interactions with the legal system than other Canadians. The experiences of colonization and assimilation policies have led to complex issues resulting in intergenerational trauma. In addition, those Indigenous peoples who have negative interactions with the law, are more likely to experience poverty, homelessness and have challenges with addiction. Indigenous Canadians are affected by several negative health and social outcomes including their children being placed into foster care, accidents and fatalities related to alcohol abuse and violence, and higher rates of attempted and completed suicides. Over the past several decades, Read More →

Celebrate EFry Week on May 11

May 7, 2018 | Events, News

Come and experience EFRY like you never have before! In celebration of EFry Week, we are opening our doors and giving you the chance to experience our programs and learn more about our work in the Calgary community. Get finger printed and have your mug shot taken, before appearing in a mock court. Listen to our panel of women who will share their personal experiences about success after incarceration. Enjoy refreshments, music and Indigenous performing artists. We hope to see you this Friday and invite you to “experience” EFry!

TELUS Calgary Community Board Supports EFry Youth Program

December 14, 2017 | Blog, News

We are pleased to announce the generous support of the TELUS Calgary Community Board and its funding of EFry Calgary’s Youth Legal Advocacy Program. The funding is for one year of the program and will provide resources and support for youth involved in the justice system and courts. Youth without supports are often overwhelmed and confused about the legal processes and options for their charges. The Youth Legal Advocacy Program provides mentorship supports to at-risk youth, and assistance with information and navigation of legal processes. Positive mentorship relationships are important factors in creating resilience and helping youth avoid further recidivism Read More →

Help Us Raise $1000 on Giving Tuesday

November 24, 2017 | Events

This holiday season, we need your help to remove barriers and build bridges to more hopeful futures for Calgary’s vulnerable women and their families. People living in poverty face many barriers to securing housing, employment and community acceptance. Imagine trying to rebuild your life if you have a criminal record or are so deeply entrenched in the cycle of poverty that you are forced to make difficult choices between food for your family, or paying for public transit to get to your minimum wage job. What if the “criminal record check” box on an employment application restricted your ability to get a job? What if you Read More →

A Year of Second Chances – 2016 Annual Report

July 25, 2017 | News, Publications

Through the tough economy of last year, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary persevered thanks to the strength of the individuals, funders, volunteers, partnerships, staff, management team and Board of Directors. Our 2016 annual report is about second chances, and that is what our work is all about. Giving women a second chance heals families and communities, and reduces the financial burden of incarceration. The theme of second chances is represented in the report through the common and humble dandelion – a symbol of resiliency that survives and thrives through the toughest conditions, symbolizing the ability to rise above challenges. Read More →